Become a Foster Parent


Step 1: Applicant must come in to the GCC office to receive information prior to foster care. If the applicant can meet all the minimum requirement on the minimum checklist qualifications sheet, they can proceed to completing an application. If a decision is made to foster the foster parent will be give a foster care applicantion. The applicant will then be required to began the application process by taking the application.

Step 2: Applicants will need to bring in all necessary documents for completion of the application within 30 days of getting the application. Documents to bring include: Driver license of all members in your home, Social Security Card of all members in your home, Car Insurance Card, CPR/First Aid Card of Applicant only , Proof of Impact Certification (if applicable), Proof of $500 (bank statement and/or credit card only), Homeowners or Renter Insurance Proof, Proof of an Annual Physical of all members in your home, Proof of a satisfactory drug screening from a drug testing laboratory for all foster parents, Proof of a TB Skin Test for all those over the age of 16 in your home and Proof of a VDRL Test for all those over the age of 16 in your home. Applicants will also need to submit a letter of intent. Please explain your intentions and type this letter. Applicants whose application is incomplete for more than 30 days will be denied. Please provide all documents at the time your application is submitted.

Step 3: Applicants will be notified via phone when their application is approved. During this notification, the applicant will be scheduled for an interview. Applicants should bring their letter of intent to foster to their interview.

Step 4: After  a successful interview, if the applicant is approved,  the applicant will be notified to receive a criminal record check statement that must be taken to a GAP Cogent Store for a fingerprint scan. A CPS history check and a Sex Offenders Registry Check, Pardon and Parole, and Department of Correction Check will also be completed on all foster parents. For any other adult(s) residing in the foster home that are over the age of 18, the applicant will be required to request a criminal background record from your local county criminal background department. The Macon office is located at 634 Oglethorpe St. Macon, GA 31210. You will be required to show your identification and pay $20 for the request at the Macon office.You should tell them this is for an agency and have them mail it to our office address: 275 Northside Crossing Macon, GA 31210 or fax it to 478-477-1299. We will not except background brought in person by the applicant. Generational Child Care will complete a Child Protective Services check.

Step 5: After satisfactory results from the safety checks, the home study process will begin which consists of a thorough assessments of the home and all residents within the home. Home study visits will occur and all assessments will be completed. The home and family will be carefully evaluated to ensure it meets all acceptable standards for the child. (Applicants and all residents over 18 must also have a Annual Physical, TB Skin Test, and a VDRL Test.)

Step 6: The prospective foster parent will be scheduled for pre-service training of 24 hours of Impact training and 16 hours of GCC initial training. After training has been completed the prospective foster parent is ready to be a foster parent. The matching process will began. This process will include completing a “matching interest form”. This form is used to help match a foster family to a foster child. Once matched the applicant will view some referral information about the child matched. If the foster parent accepts the child, the pre-placement process will began, which consists of having a formal case plan meeting at intake.

Step 7: The child will be assigned a caseworker who will facilitate 3 pre-placement visits, unless in an emergency situation. One visit will occur at the foster parent home for 2 hours, the other out in the community for 3 hours, and the last visit will be a 24 hour overnight visit. The caseworker will visit every home within the first week and every month after. Visits are not planned.

Minimum Requirements Checklist

Applicants and all residents in the foster home over the age of 18 must have a clean criminal record check to include no felonies and serious misdemeanors. The home has sufficient sleeping arrangements in a bedroom to include at least 1 bed and 1 dresser per child. No more than 2 children will share a bedroom. Applicant has homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance and car insurance.

Applicant has a landline telephone. Applicant has sufficient funds (at least $500 per child) for application requirements and for providing care for the child until per diem is paid within the first 30 days. (This amount must be verified!) Applicant is a GA resident.

Applicant is at least 21 years of age. Applicant is literate and knows how to read and write. Applicant is willing to submit to a home study (a thorough and critical evaluation of the foster family and home). Applicant lives in a safe neighborhood (with little criminal activity). Applicant is free of the use of any illegal drugs and paraphernalia.




To provide high-quality child placing services and be one of the top child-placing agencies in the state of Georgia:

  • By helping children to reach permanency
  • By providing caring highly trained foster families that have a desire to make the children lives full of love and happiness
  • By meeting all the needs and wants of the children receiving services.
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