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Find out more about our child placing agency, who we serve, and what we aspire to achieve.

image of 3 girls Our Story

A beautiful soul by the name of Kimberly McCoy Hollis saw fit to go beyond the call of duty. In her teen years, she was adamant about caring for her younger siblings and helping others. She started her adult career by working for years in nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, and home healthcare providers. In 1998, she decided to answer a greater calling by founding a non-profit organization, Generations Adult Day Services, Inc, a home care agency. This organization became her life mission as she wanted to provide the best care possible for those in need while also providing a family within the organization. With hard work and dedication, she established Generations to be a pillar for the community.

During her early 30s, her insatiable desire to care sparked her to open up her own home to foster youth. Years after, she continues to commit to caring for others in her home, and oversees Generations Adult Day Services, Inc.

It was this very example of genuine care and compassion that ignited a generational passion for caring among her two children, Phoresha Horne and Tanteneya Harpe. After having witnessed their mother lay the foundation, they too began a life committed to helping others in need. Generational Child Care was birthed through Generations Adult Day Services, Inc, in 2014 through their vision to provide foster families to youth in need. Generational Child Care is a foster care agency with one mission in mind “to foster children with love”!

Mission Statement

To “Foster Children with Love” by providing exceptional, high-quality child-placing service through providing stability, promoting permanency, and ensuring healthy and safe home environments.


To provide high-quality child-placing services and be one of the top child-placing agencies in the state of Georgia:

  1. By helping children to reach permanency
  2. By providing caring highly trained foster families that have a desire to make the children’s lives full of love and happiness
  3. By meeting all the needs and wants of the children receiving services