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For Inquiries, Please Call: 478-477-1289

Who We Serve


Generational Child Care serves ALL foster children from the age of birth to 21 years old. These children have unique needs and require individualized care like all children. Foster youth come into care for multiple reasons and can sometimes experience trauma from abuse, neglect, and being separated from their family. Trauma manifests itself in many different forms. Behaviors for foster youth can range from typical age-appropriate behavior to more serious and severe behavioral concerns.

Generational Child Care also serves children with disabilities. These disabilities can be intellectual disabilities like children with cognitive delays, learning disabilities, or children diagnosed with Autism or Down Syndrome.

Generational Child Care also provides for children that have physical disabilities including blindness, deafness, immobility, and medical fragility. Medically fragile youth have serious to severe medical conditions that usually require the performance of daily time-intensive treatments/procedures.

Scope of Services

Generational Child Care provides therapeutic foster care services. Therapeutic foster care refers to help heal or treat problems that specific children may have. The foster care services we provide include licensing, training, and supporting foster parents, matching and placing foster youth in safe and appropriate foster homes, and ensuring foster children are receiving proper care.

We provide case management services, which include managing most aspects of the foster children’s lives to ensure all supports involved are meeting the child’s physical, social, emotional, educational/vocational, nutritional, spiritual/cultural, and permanency needs. We also provide quality assurance services that require constant monitoring of the foster home and all supports to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.

Generational Child Care also provides services to youth with serious and severe emotional and behavioral management problems. We provide behavioral management and crisis management assistance to foster youth and foster families that require this service.